Anyone out there?

Dear all

I am a mum of two, a nearly two year old and four and a half year old.

My older child has soiling issues..... His never really used the toilet or potty to pass a stool. This story is long and complex but basically he has rapid bowel transit and intolerant to a lot of fruit and veg, especially of the fibrous variety. He really loves fruit and veg, I know unusual. Anyway the point is it took me far too long too realise that he couldn't get the hang of no2s because his stools were too loose (typically 5-7).

So eventually that connection was made but by then I believe the psychological damage was done..... He is currently on a high fat and low fibre diet and we see more consistent firmer stools, not always, but more often. His not constipated so his never been prescribed laxatives.

I'm so sad, I'm sad for him and us as a family because it is having an impact on everything. His still in pull ups, aside from at home but I feel he should not be using those now as they may be a 'false comfort'.

I'm at a loss. He is under the hospital but I don't know that they are really helping. I can't see this ending.

I'm seeking support for what is an incredibly lonely and frustrating journey. I've almost given up on the idea that this will ever resolve...... We seem to far down a path and too ingrained a behaviour.

I work four out of five days in a busy and demanding job. I've emailed ERIC but not received a reply which was really disappointing. Phoning them for me is nigh in impossible and I'm also weary of telling our story again and again. I feel like no one understands. So to hear of others going through the same whilst is of course sad, is somewhat comforting. Because this is a real taboo and a very unknown, Mis-understood and taboo subject. I'm the mother of someone affected and only just getting to terms with it myself.

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Sounds miserable. Also the whole work/mothering juggle is difficult enough without this kind of stuff to negotiate, i found a lot of the suggestions to dealing with these kind of problems incompatible with me being away at work.. i have said the same on another post, and am nothing to do with the ERIC helpline but even though it took me weeks to coordinate phoning them with my work schedule, when i finally did they really really did seem to know their stuff & had helpful things to say, so is worth wracking your brain to find a way to do it somehow at some point when you have a day of feeling able to retell the tale even if not for a while.. I think a lot changes in the years after 4 & even though you feel you've left it too long, i think a lot of people would have left it even longer, finding out what the problem might be is a positive step even though he's yet to crack the getting to the toilet part.. i feel your pain! X


ERIC must have read the post as they have contacted me this morning and given me an email that they can better reply from. I will also call.

Thank you for listening


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