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Hi my son is 16months and struggled with constipation since 3months old. Hes had movicol,lactolose,picosulphate and microlax enimas.. his current meds are 10mls of picosulphate and 6 sachets off movicol with microlax evry 4days. None off this has much off a effect..there now wanting to try peristeen with him, so question is has anyone ever had to use peristeen if so what was the outcome..his surgeon said my son will be one off the youngest to ever use ot and im a little wary but with oit this he will 100% need 2 operations...thanks

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Hi Leigh, thanks for posting on our Health Unlocked page. We're sorry to hear about your son's struggles with constipation. I can see from your message that he's using Movicol to help, this is our guide about mixing the Movicol for your information How often is he going for a poo at the moment? Does he poo every time you use the microlax enema? Children can have a Microlax Enema every day and if that is not successful you can use a laxative suppository. If the enemas/suppositories are not successful that you would move onto a washout using a cone system such as the Quefora Mini system which can be used from a very young age. The next stage after trying a Quefora Mini System would be a simple rectal wash out using a Quefora Cone Toilet System or Dansac. Peristeen would follow on from this stage if these were unsuccessful. Peristeen is generally used for children and adults who are able to sit on the toilet so from around about age 3. It could be quite tricky to use in very young children like your son. This is a link to our constipation flow chart from our website which shows what checks etc your son should have had along the way. I hope you've found this useful please don't hesiate to get in touch if you think we can help or support you further, Natalie@ERIC

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Hi hes had all this including a barium enima, his next stage is peristeen or a operation woth him beong so young im not sure peristeen would be sutiable x


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