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'A Boy Like You' and 'A Girl Like You'

'A Boy Like You' and 'A Girl Like You'

I've just uploaded the latest post to my Childhood Soiling blog, which may be of interest to some members of this forum. It is about the books which I wrote for children aged 6 to 12 who have soiling problems (encopresis), which are titled A Boy Like You and A Girl Like You.

These books are designed to help older children who soil feel less isolated and alone with their problem and realise that they can, with help, overcome it. Many parents have also found them useful in understanding encopresis from a child's point of view and helping them to start a conversation with their child about their toilet issues.


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Thanks, I've read that post with interest. What a thoughtful and kid-friendly thing to have done to have gone to the effort of writing two books! :)

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