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Bedwetting at 7

My daughter still wets the bed at 7.  She doesn't seem that bothered, but I think she will be if her 4 year old sister is dry at night before her.  I take her to an enuresis clinic and we have tried the alarm (didn't work), desmomelts too, but she isn't always committed to being without a drink late at night, she's finding this part hard to shake.  She also doesn't drink enough at school and I'm not convinced the school is doing enough to encourage this.  Any advice please.

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Hi geogirl39, we're sorry to hear about your daughters issues with bedwetting. The bedwetting alarm tends to be more successful with children who are really motivated to be dry. So it could be that if her sister does become dry before her this might be the motivation for her. Also even if the alarm didn't work previously that's not to say it won't work when in the future. Some children need the alarm and the Desmomelts to become dry at night. Drinking is so important to the health of the bladder and if she isn't drinking week during the day then her bladder will get used to not holding very much wee and need emptying more often. Does she take a water bottle to school? For some children it can be helpful to have a reward system in place, so if she drinks what's in her water bottle during the day she gets a small instant reward when she comes home. You can gradually increase the amount of liquid in the bottle over time. Hopefully if she is drinking better throughout the day she won't be so reliant on her late night drink. It is really important to not drink an hour before you take the desmopressin so perhaps you can just use that for when she has sleepovers, camps etc until she has reached the point where she really wants to be dry at night. Hope this helps. Kind regards Natalie@ERIC

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Ditto son 7 still wetting sometimes twice. I have resorted to waking him up to go sometimes it works . They say it's not advisable but it's so draining washing everyday and keeping positive. Have you considered a reward something she would really like to get her interested in not being wet 😀


Hi, I'm new to the forum but your post sounds very similar to our situation. I wondered how things are going now a year down the line?


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