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sex ed and colitis

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Trying to navigate the problem of having erectile dysfunction, but needing the release sex provides, as pleasure in our marriage and stress relief.

Having Ulcerative colitis and Ankylosing spondylitis makes you tired and affects your mobility quite a bit and tends to make foreplay a bit difficult and what pleasure gain from it to get an erection is soon gone because of fatigue and pain, so you become flaccid again.

Then there is the other problem with my wife whom i am a carer to, she had a rough ride physically and mentally for some time now and suffers from fibromyalgia, her libido is practically nonexistent, but she goes through with it because it is part of us and i need the relief so to get rid of my stress.

My question is, does anybody know a solution, heard of one, to deal with this? I take meds for it, i also tried vacuum pumps but none is working.

Stories and fantasies do but my wife is not interested in those.

Any ideas appreciated.

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you might try viagra etc then injection after an hour with Bimix, the trick is to masturbate for 15 minutes , use a flexible cock ring, good luck

Hello Freeflow.After trying all the directions in the playbook, (after radical prostatectomy) I bit the bullet and got the implant. It got me back in the game intercourse-wise. But make no mistake that it's the panacea. (at least for me). The orgasms range from " is/was that it?" "well, that felt kinda good". I am almost a year after surgery. I am 73 and still active but it ain't never gonna be what it was. The sensitivity is just not what it used to be. I chalk it up to the loss of nerves in the areas of surgery. At least the cancer is inactive.

Hope this info is useful to you.

Best of luck.

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