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Auto injector


My urologist recently gave me a script for TIMIX. Haven’t tried it yet. I asked him about auto injector figuring it would be easier to administer. He said auto injector does work with the script he gave? Is the auto injector a universal thing or specific to a certain needle and prescription?

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The Auto Injector does make the process easier and painless. If you don't mind dealing with another gadget, you'll be fine.

Thank you. Is it one size fits all for auto injector?

Pretty sure it's a one size fits all thing for fixed needles. There are a few different brands, which differ in size and shape. I have the Autoject AJ1310 model as an example.

I tried both, the auto and traditional syringe, I also am pretty new at this but after using Trimix a few times now, I find Now that I like the traditional syringe better. I adjusted my dosage slightly from the doctors original 5 and am very pleased with the results. After using the needle a few times I had to laugh at myself for being such a wimp about this. It’s so easy and painless. Relax and if you still can’t recall everything the doctor said, tutorials abound on how to give yourself this medicine. I would advise you to make your dose adjustments in very small increments.

I’m not telling you not to use it but I used Trinidad for about a year and I had ED pretty bad but I wish I had never injected that crap.!!! After about a year of using it I started to develop hard spots on my shaft and now it’s affected my erections even more. It’s made it to where blood flow is limited and my errections are no longer very hard even with taking cialis or viagra. I’m not saying it’s going to do that to u but if it was me I would try to find something else to try. I think it should be removed from the market but that’s just my 2cents Good Luck

Auto injectors make injection easy and remove fear of the needle. It is the only way I could inject. I use the Auto-ject. Needles come in various gauges. The larger the number the smaller the needle. I use a 31 gauge hypodermic. Doctors prescribe, or recommend anywhere from 28-31 needles. I have never had a problem, and the small needle enters easily. But.. the smaller needle by it’s smaller nature can bend, or possibly break easier than the larger ones, so you need to be careful filling the syringe.

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