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Erection Problem - Urgent

I'm 21 years old and when I first started masturbating I experienced the full pleasure of it (around ages 13/14) but for many years now it feels like I'm only feeling around half the pleasure of it or so? almost as if there is more ejaculation to come out once I am finished.

I am able to fully retract my foreskin when flaccid and can still fully retract it when erect but very quickly once I do I typically lose the majority of my erection..

Other possible related issues could be; lack of any self lubrication that the penis usually creates.

This issue has caused be an overwhelming amount of stress and worry. I'm almost certain its not a premature ejaculation issue I have tried many solutions for that and I am generally a pretty confident guy with girls etc etc.

Would really like to hear some genuine answers that could be the issue as so far no doctor has been able to give me anything useful.

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Strees less, it will make the problem worse, don't be a night owl, it will also not help. Try to sleep early. Eat foods that helps better and harder erection like banana, garlic, honey etc.

Try some natural supplements goo.gl/wQgp79


It's not unusual to feel like you have more cum to ejaculate. And there will always be different levels of orgasm and inner pleasure. Re lubricant, lots of us use additional lubricant. Try something from your local pharmacy


OK, so why do you retract your foreskin? Intact men usually USE their foreskin to help stimulate themselves, as the most sensitive nerves are on and in the mucosal tissue of the inner foreskin. During both masturbation and sexual intercourse those nerves are designed to interact with the nerves of the glans penis. You want to move your foreskin back and forth over the glans, both during intercourse and during masturbation. Try it.


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