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Please,could someone explain an Atypical Complex Partial Seizure

Hi. My son`s DR said he is having Atypical Complex partial seizures. Saturday ni...


where can i get that bracelets where i can put my information on

Mr De Villiers situation struck a chord

I am a journalist, passionate writer of poetry and up until my recent seizure (a...

I am on 1300mg of Epilum, 1 Prozac and 0.5 Rivotrol daily - is anyone else on such a high level of Epilum?

My 16 year old dayghter has seizures while sleeping, especially in the morning hours between Midnight and 6 a.m.

I just want to understand while 95% of her seizures happen when she is sleeping?...

Can I still play video games in spite of having epilepsy?

It's bbe7's son. Can I ask some questions please

Why dose my leg get sore after a seizure??

Hi, please could you give any information or advice on what auras and triggers could be. We are new to epilepsy and need Information.

My 10 year old son has just been diagnosed. Thanks BBE7

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