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Sanlam again offers learnerships for people with disabilities

Please if you're unemployed epileptic or have any disability please apply for a ...

hi evryone

remember to take your medication guys if anyone is in capetown let me know

greetings evryone

hi evryone i like to thank the backborn of this website and all the patiens i a...


I just realized this morning that it is 30 years ago that I was diagnosed with e...

world mental health Day

World Mental Health Day 2018 is observed on October 10 across the world. The goa...


Hello my beloved community, I am so happy to be part of you.

Hi, my name is Fana and I have epilepsy. I have attended a special school and obtain level six. Will I be employed?

I'm 21 years old. I take medication for my seizures they are controlled. I reall...

Hi to everyone in the family, I'm new here and would like to know more about the pension for epileptic people? please help for 5 years now .

Hi to everyone in the family,I'm new here and would like to know more about the ...

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