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Support Group in Klerksdorp

Hi, my brother aged 34 has had epilepsy since he was 10 years old - caused by encephalitis. He lives in Klerksdorp and could really benefit from a support group. Is there one available in the Klerksdorp area? He has been divorced for 7 years because his wife could not cope with his seizures. He struggles to see his daughter and just feels very negative towards life. The company he works for is also busy retrenching staff and he might loose his job. I live in the southern cape and cannot be there for him. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Samantha, you can contact Epilepsy South Africa Free State & North West. Their offices are located in Parys, but they offer services in both provinces. The best person to speak to would be Rikki van der Westhuizen. You can reach her on (056) 811-5959 or email her on socialwork.fs@epilepsy.org.za.


Thank you!


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