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Question re treatment

Good day,

i have been diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy in 1994, im currently not on any meds. with the epilepsy i have the symptoms of depression and get vertigo and panic attacts that seems more like petimal fits. My question is who can i go and see to treat all this holisticly?

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Hi Susan, I almost know how you feel. In 1994 my epilepsy did get worse for a couple of months after I lost my older brother due to an unnaturual cause. There was a police investigation, but losing the person in my life that took great care of me - especially when there was a break-in at our house the night Namibia became independant. 6 months after his death I was admitted to a psycological centre for observation & treatment of severe depression. It took quite some time to get over it - I "fled" to the UK for almost 10 years, but had to come back after a serious accident caused hospitalisation for a couple of weeks as I was in a coma & life-support machines. Atleast emergency services responded quickly, as UK medical treatment in general is great.

All I can suggest, if you still struggle a lot with the epilepsy & depression, is a psycologist & neurologist to try & sort all of your problems out.

It took some time for me after my accident but within a couple of months I was walking & going about my old life as before. It also helps a lot to talk to someone - not a specialist really. Talking to someone with the same, or similiar problems as yourself is great. They can respond with advice, or atleast be someone who will just listen if you need to get things of your chest.




Hi Dave

Thank you for your advise and sharing your journey with me.

Kind regards



Hi - The activity you experience are seizures. Medications can treat this but can manage your condition using supplementary or complimentary treatments. I would advise you to see your neurologist first.


Hi Tdevilliers

Thank you for your advise.

Kind Regards



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