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Should a doctor decrees you medications if you are still having seizures?

I've had epilepsy now for +/-40 years. I have learned a lot about myself and know how to control the strange feelings I have before having a seizures. Never the less, I still have 2/3 seizures a month. The medications I'm on is Keppra 1500mg x3 every day along with Epitec 150mg morning and 100mg at night. I visit a doctor last week and he decided to decrees Keppra with 1500mg (500mg x 3) I am afraid. I feel -1500mg is big jump to start with.I still have seizures and don't know how my seizures might now be.

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I am not a medical professional, however, your neurologist needs to advise you on your medication. It takes a while for ones body to adjust to taking medication in the first place and the increases over a period of time. Too greater decrease in a short space of time, may have a very negative impact on your body. If you are taking a high dose, they meds should be reduced over a period of time. Monitor yourself carefully during this period.

Regards Tim


Hi Tim, Thank you very, very much for your reply. I feel the same about every thing you said and that is why I am so afraid. Thanks alot.



Hi there, I agree with Tim. I have had epilepsy for 40 years now and have been on Carbamazapine and Phenytoin. Seizures were tonic clonic (1 a month). I have increased my dosage of Carbamazapine and appear to be doing well so far. Speak to your neurologist if you are not happy. Initially, my increase in dosage gave me dizziness and blurriness, but now the system appears to be taking the increase.


Hi - If you are concerned, you may also seek a second opinion from another neurologist.


I did change my medications. It was hell!! I then did call an other doctor and he chanced my medication back to what it was. I will still have to see the doctor who chanced my medications again in May 2014 at Tygerburg Hospital.


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