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Survey of women living with epilepsy.

As part of a new campaign launched by Epilepsy Action, we have released the results of a survey of women living with epilepsy. The survey results show that a worrying number of these women have not been properly informed by their healthcare professionals about epilepsy and pregnancy. Vital facts about epilepsy and pregnancy are not being given that may help ensure the safety of both mother and child.

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A very interesting topic and thank you for posting. I had no children due to my epilepsy, but opted for a full hysterectomy several years ago mainly for logical and safety reasons. Not much information or knowledge was available then, i.e. changes to seizure pattern during pregnancy, etc. My epilepsy was hereditary and I had no warning signal for an oncoming seizure. I am now on HRT and do not regret the decision I made. I understand the feelings that women have about whether or not to have a child and how epilepsy can affect their pregnancy and their lives.


28 years ago my (then) gp gave me excellent care knowing I had temporal lobe epilepsy. I was put on folic acid 3 months before planning to come off the pill (we discussed pregnancy fully first and he also tested me for rubella as a precaution - non epilepsy related). Folic acid's benefits were not as well known then. I went along with everything he suggested and stayed within his care for both my first and second child (2 yrs later). Wouldn't change a thing - I've 2 adult sons to be proud of and a brilliant supportive husband.


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