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VNS Surgery


Hey guys, has anyone had a VNS surgery before? I’m getting one in a few days and I’m starting to feel a tad bit nervous.

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Don't worry! A new implant has to adjust to you - just like you must adjust to the VNS! It won't be a 3 month quick fix! Remember - it is not a cure for your epilepsy! It's an add on therapy given when tablets don't work as well as expected! I have had it now for nearly 20 years! It is a slow but gradual benefit! My first year - 5%; 8 years - 30% ; 13 years - 50%; 19 years - 75%! It may work different for each person, but definitely worth trying! Give it a good chance and learn how to adjust and work together with it! It has a job to do; learn how to adjust! I wouldn't be able to live alone without it now!

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Thank you so much for this information and encouragement! I needed this reminder of it not being a cure for my epilepsy.


Hi Odessbuh

It is a worrying time waiting for surgery.

I hope your epilepsy team has explained everything fully to you.

If it will help, we have some information on the VNS that includes what to expect following surgery.

Maybe you could let us know how things go. As sharing experiences can be helpful.

Best wishes



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Hi I had my VNS done a long time now and it was updated just over a year ago it hasnt been a complete cure but there have been some great benefits mainly my recovery time and the after effects of the Seizure my memory has improved and i dont have that constant headache. I was only in hospital 1 day when they updated my VNS and had no issue

i hope all goes well for you


How did it go?

There may be a bit of post-Op pain, but Paracetamol will be fine.

The device is usually not switched on until your wounds have healed.

You may have a switch-on appointment,

they will start at a very low current to begin with,

gradually increasing over the following months.

It is not a cure, but I've noticed smaller fits and swifter recovery times.

Also my memory is returning, with additional help of brain training games.

That is something for you to look forward to.

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