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Short term memory loss, switching words?

Hi everyone I’ve been successful in managing my seizures (simple partial, spikes in temporal lobe) with the keto diet and cbd/thc oil, and I’m currently 5 months seizure free compared to this time last year with multiple seizures a day. But I often say the wrong word, for example I’ll say scissors when I mean knife, cat for dog, and the other morning I said sweet dreams to my kids when the school bus picked them up! I really meant to say, “have a good day.”I also have lapses in memory where someone I know I can’t remember for the life of me what their name is and it might come to me an hour later. Also I’ll be driving and have about a minute of having no clue where I’m driving to, it’s a complete blank! I set alarms that go all day long just to keep me on track. Does anyone else struggle with this. I use to be an amazing multi talker! Now I feel a little dumb. Also I’m concerned because my MRI does show small brain lesions and I’m not sure if it’s seizures damage or unrelated.

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Hi Chingona:

It is great to hear you have been five months seizure free.

I know exactly what you are going through. I have been going through the same struggling for some time. I have complex partial seizures. They have stopped for about three weeks now. At the same time I still know there is much going on in the brain because as things have been going my memory has been very short, can suddenly lose awareness as much as lose balance. I many times even draw an immediate blank in the middle of a conversation along with where I am. When the brain goes through this phase it is most likely damage in the left temporal lobe. So, again I know exactly what you are going through.

There is no need to feel dumb at all in this matter. What you are going through is completely normal from what you have posted.

Since this has begun I have been training my brain to slow the process down. I have to constantly remind myself of normal things. I also know this can feel a bit frightening too. Or at least on my part.

You said you had an MRI. You may also want to have a CAT scan, EEG, or Bio Feedback. If you haven’t it may be best to. Talk to your doctor about it and see what they think. Also it may be best to keep a journal to keep track of what is taking place. It really helps out. The more information you have noted down the better.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Stay strong and confident. There are many options on treating such conditions we are going through. 😊

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I’m glad you mentioned the balance thing, just the other day for the first time on my bike I completely lost my sense of balance, so you think that’s related?

I’ve had two EEGs, two MRIs, and two CT scans.

I had a lump removed from my neck near my spinal cord last year and a couple days later my left side went numb and weak and I had my first seizure. But once I got my seizures under control early this year I was able to train for a triathlon and placed 5th in my age group, I had never done a triathlon before! It felt amazing. And I’m working again which has given me my dignity back. So I’m doing a lot better these days just the memory and left side issues. I’ve never met anyone who has had similar seizures. Do you mind telling me what your seizures are like?


Seizures, the strength, as to where they are taking place in the brain will most likely result with a loss of balance. This is one thing in which your doctor will need to know. It can be related. Just from my experience I will say it is related and at times only temporary. Keep this noted down on what you were doing when it took place. While biking, walking, or running and like my main issue while going down or up stairs.

Good to know you have had double testing on EEGs, MRI, as to CT scan. Hope they have brought a more understanding in what has been going on.

Do to you having a lump removed from your neck resulting with numbness a couple of days later is a sign of nerve damage. Are you still experiencing the numbness? At times during surgery, especially when it is very close to a nerve the nerve may need to be moved. Remember nerves are very sensitive and can take up to a year to heal completely. With resulting having a seizure following the procedure on the neck makes it sound it was fairly close to the brain. In addition to the balance matter your spinal cord can be sending different signals to your brain resulting in losing balance too. Do you lose balance more to your right or left?

You have surely accomplished much following the control of your seizures. Congratulations on placing fifth in the triathlon. Way to go. Being able to work is another positive sign for you.

Your memory issue may be with you for a while. Be patient and continue what you are doing. You are going in the right direction. 😊

My seizures are a bit more complex. When they take place my awareness is still here but I get worn out completely from the strength of it. What’s unfortunate on my seizures is the longer I don’t have any the stronger the next one will be. You already know about the memory loss. but that issue can be coming from many angles. I have had plenty of MRIs, EEGs, an CT scans. I also had bio feedback done. I just had my third Vagal Nerve Stimulator placed inside and it was just activated. The first two were on my left side of the neck and now my third is in the right side of the neck. Unfortunately my left side is permanently damaged now and the numbness is permanent. I am currently going through the phases of losing memory. The issue is it is worsening every day. Just yesterday I had to do some math on paper and forgot completely how to multiply. That really freaked me out telling me my right side of the brain is being affected now. During my first VNS I couldn’t even tell who my family was. Had to be told how many and who my siblings are. Along with who is my wife. Such an experience I wish I never had to go through. I keep reminding myself it wasn’t me but rather the brain from all it has been going through at that time.

Before I had all the VNS done I had a Temporal Lobectomy and later the seizures came back. They told us the seizures can be taking place deeper in the brain. I am currently limited on driving and just have to go with the flow and deal with this. I have been through many battles before. Now a new one has begun and I know I will get through it. I pretty much know what to expect and am ready and standing by.

Hope I didn’t bored you on my part. 😁. We all have our own battles to go through. If we were never able to conquer them they would never of come our way. 👍🏻


You’re story is incredible! I appreciate you sharing your experiences.and I apologize I didn’t respond sooner, I saw your reply and meant to go back and look at it and then I forgot! Oops! Glad I logged on and checked updates.

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When I was told I had epilepsy in 1982 I was also warned that I had both short-term and long-term memory loss. Recently I have found that playing “brain-training” games regularly for a short time every day on my computer has improved my memory significantly. The practice is designed by professional neurologists.

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Wow, this is great news! Is that available online? I went to go do the dishes and got to the sink only to realize they were all done, then only had a very vague memory of doing them and I thought now this is the kind of short term memory loss I can live with! Haha! Jokes aside though I am interested in the brain training games, and I do try to challenge myself with memory. Move it or loose it.


There are many different brain-training games which are suitable for all kinds of people. The one I use is free Lumosity. Be prepared to feel disappointed at first when you start to learn how to use the games. “Names and Faces” seemed impossible until I gradually worked out my own strategy for playing it and now I realise by opening a new path in my brain and concentrating for a short time regularly without distractions, I can sometimes get high scores. Have a break when you feel tired and come back to it later when you feel calm. Don’t give up!

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Thanks! I’ll try and let you know how it goes


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