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Jerky movements during sleep

I am new here. I joined this group as my 4 years old son has been diagnosed with epilepsy on September 2017. He has 2 seizures and was put on Depakine (300mg/ day). I usually put him to sleep and I noticed that he has jerky movements. It happens during the first 10 minutes of his sleep - is this a sign of a seizure? have anyone of you or your kids experienced this?

Also, do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with epilepsy at an age of 4, what is the chances of outgrowing it? Thank you so much.

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Yes, I have had epilepsy since my early twenties (42yrs now). I have nocturnal epilepsy, with simple-partial seizures occurring sometimes in the daytime, and tonic-clonics/complex-partials occurring at night while asleep. I am medicated with Tegretol, which stops the tonic-clonic/complex-partials, but while going to sleep, or in-between waking up during the night and going back to sleep, I can have simple-partials, which for me, manifest as a jerking movement of the head. The more extreme the seizure, the more extreme the head will jerk. I have heard of people who had epilepsy as kids out-growing it as the brain develops, but i'm not sure of the odds, sorry.


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