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Any Law enforcement out there with epilepsy?

This has always been something I’ve been curious about as I suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy but hope to one day become a police officer, anyone out there successfully do it?! 😄

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Hi YoltsNoah

We are aware of some people with epilepsy being in the police force. But we don’t know if they had epilepsy before joining or developed it whilst in service.

The police medical standards: entry requirement says that if someone has epilepsy they are unlikely to be suitable. But assessment should be made on a case by case basis.


They will want to know things like, when did your epilepsy start, what type do you have, how controlled are your seizures and are you still taking epilepsy medicine.

If you are unable to become a police officer, it may be there are other roles in the police force that maybe more suitable for you.


Good luck.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team


Am likely to be retired from RN due to seizures or at least can’t go to sea , usually some exemptions or restrictions for some employers and even more difficult to get in especially if can’t drive be near water, RN guidance quite prescriptive little room for doctors!


Colin medical discharge


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