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Post-surgery 6&4 months now

I've still been having horrible suspicions and terrors and emotions after my epilepsy surgery which was left temporal lobe removal, about 5x5x1 centimeters in size (from what I heard, though a CD-ROM I got may indicate differently - all info a scam?)... the suspicions and emotions and things are still horrible though... from another surgery recipient I heard recovery could take up to two years. At least I've found out about the deliciousness of turmeric (Dr.'s note to take pills - I just opted for the cooking spice bottle, but anyway. I've felt like I'm of a tortured non-human status. At least I'll be going to a support group soon, though it'll be new for me. No one likes me.

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Hi peter-o

It must be really horrible to experience those feelings. Have you talked to your doctor about it to see if there’s anything they can suggest to help?

It’s positive that you’re going to a support group. I’m sure people there will be welcoming. Have you also heard about the facebook group Epilepsy Surgery Friends? It’s a network of people who’ve been through epilepsy surgery, who share their experiences and support each other. facebook.com/Epilepsysurger...

I hope things start to improve for you soon.


Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

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