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Can I drink on carbamazepine?


Just wondering because I starting to go to partys... even if it does cause side effects is that bad to keep doing it?

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No you cannot,it is extremely dangerous.

Carbamzepine and drinking for over 35 years. Moderation is the key though. After about the 6th or 8th beer it goes to 12 or 18 because of the tegretol. Been there, done that. A few seizures at night but the good news is no one knows but you and your wife. But that is just me though. I know my limit. It took awhile. You live and learn.

I'm on this but only recently about 6 weeks or so and I do have a drink but I've noticed that after a couple I don't want anymore. No one has told me that you can't drink alcohol. I have noticed that I've started to put on weight around my middle is this normal and if so to what extent.

It is recommended that you do not drink with aed's,i stopped drinking as soon as i was diagnosed.I now have alcohol free drinks in the form of shandys-about once a year!

e-in -me.


Hi eers99

Having epilepsy and taking epilepsy medicine doesn’t have to mean that you can’t drink alcohol. But there are good reasons why you might choose to limit how much alcohol you drink. You might even choose not to drink alcohol at all.

Alcohol can make the side-effects of some epilepsy medicines worse. If your carbamazepine already make you feel sleepy, dizzy or light-headed, alcohol can make this worse.

Taking epilepsy medicine can also make you get drunk much quicker than others, even though you drink the same amount.

Drinking a lot, or binge drinking, can cause you to have ‘withdrawal seizures’. These seizures may start between 7-72 hours after you’ve stopping drinking.

Drinking alcohol can mean you forget to do things like taking your carbamazepine. It can also lead to missing meals and not getting a good night’s sleep. All of these things will mean you’re far more likely to have a seizure.

Most people with epilepsy can have a couple of drinks without it triggering a seizure. But everyone is different, and some people find even a small amount of alcohol is a problem.

Please visit our webpage on alcohol and epilepsy for more in-depth information,


Diane Wallace

Advice and Information Team

cheers :)

That was very well said. What this person said is 100% true. 55 now and still taking epilepsy meds and I have tried alot of them. Was pissed for a long time but have gotten over it. Still taking carbamazeping xr. As you get older you see things different. My god, I sould like my father.

New to this site. 100% true is what epilepsy Action 1 said.


I have had epilepsy for 40 years, and have been on Carbamazapine and Phenytoin for almost 20 years now. I was warned about the side effects of alcohol by my Neurologist when I was diagnosed at the age of 16. Everyone is different and the effect of alcohol on one's medication depends on the person concerned. If I do have the odd drink, I have maybe a glass of wine, diluted by half with water, and only about once a year! Good luck, but partying, drinking and binge drinking won't do your epilepsy any good! It's up to you!

Just have to know your limit. You are fine until that last beer. Been there, done that. That was up in Gainesville in 1978. Getting old but still driving.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2012, that January, only had two sezures, one August 2011 and one in January. I've been sezure free since. I didn't drink much but I do drink now, that age where everyone drinking and you can feel left out. I've found out (maybe just me) that if I want to drink loads, I often have to leave town earlier than my friends so I can get home and sleep it off but if I don't drink at all or have one or two I can often stay out longer. Halloween has just been. I was out all weekend, had some drink but I didn't have a fit/sezure. It's all about knowing your body or having stuff that mean more than drinking. For example. I've passed my driving test in June 2015, id sooner look after myself than have a fit and loose my licence (and do my theory and driving test all over again) (I put like £2,000 into getting driving, under 17 lessons, lessons, theory's and driving tests) so I don't want to have to do it all over again or do my theory ever again..

The only drink i have is one bottle of cider (small) a year as a shandy.


Drinking and alcohol definitely have an effect on one's medication and seizures... I have been on Carbamazepine for over 25 years and stopped drinking several years' ago... It isn't worth it but the choice is obviously yours... We can only give you advice!