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Could anyone give me any advice please I have to attend esa interview with a personal adviser on Thursday what do I say ? What can I expect?

I attended atos medical in December 2013 was told they were recommending 2 years as nothing had changed since 1995 however when recieved word back had been placed in the work activity group hence the interview and im on contribution based allowance which I think is only payable for a year. I have a minimum of 1 grand mal seizure per week which can take me 24-48 hrs to feel back to normal from most times I have no warning of these coming on first time anyone is aware is when I hit the ground they hsve daid it is photo sensitive epilepsy but I have never had a week seizure free since they began in 95 my neurologist is once again trying to change medication around but as usual its just trial and error with me as the guinea pig . I have asked dwp to reconsider and it is at present going through a mandatory reconsideration which apparently has to happen before you can appeal tbh im not even sure how all this even works . If they agree to appeal does my benefit stop while it is in the appeal process ? If they dont agree to appeal do they stop my benefit after a year and leave me with nothing ? What employer is going to employ me not knowing if I could collapse at any minute and then need 2 days to recover afterwards . I had 2 seizures over this weekend alone and I know its brought on by the stress and worry of facing this fiasco on Thursday but I have been told I still have to go and if you have a seizure on thursday or even just before you are due to come in just ring and let us know you cant manage (so i have to stop half way through the seizure to phone the job centre and then continue seizure ? ) any advice to my 4000 questions lol would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Donna x

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Hi Donna

It sounds like you are having a tough time with the benefits system. Hopefully the mandatory reconsideration will indeed be a proper reconsideration.

If you are not happy with that decision and want to take it to appeal, it would be a really good idea to get some support with that. A local welfare rights unit or Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help. But it is worth getting in touch with them as soon as possible.

We aren’t able to answer your questions about procedure and money as we only have general information about benefits. But one of the organisations mentioned will be able to. You could also try ringing Turn2us. They have a website and helpline on benefits. Their phone number is 0808 802 2000. They may be able to answer some of your questions.


Advice and Information Team

Citizens Advice Bureaux: citizensadvice.org.uk/index/getadvice

Turn2Us: turn2us.org.uk/


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