Hiya girls, this isn't really a blog as such, I just wanted to tell yous all about the amazing endo community on twitter. Now, I wasn't a great fan of twitter before, I did a few tweets here and there but I'm more of a Facebook kind of girl. Anyway, it wasn't until just after my last lap (6th April) I wrote something about endometriosis, using #endometriosis. The next thing I knew I had a whole lot of new "followers" which I soon learned were "endo sisters"! I've found the support absolutely amazing and its been fun talking to them all too, just like on here! So, if anyone has twitter you can follow me on @kaybee1989 I really recommend it :-) xxx

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  • hi

    i found out about the amazing #endosisters too on twitter only last week, i have a separate profile so none of my family or friends can see it, as they dont always understand, but this way i am free to write or answer anything i like, and not be judged, i was over whelmed by the support on there - i am @jayneworth71 - i too, am more a Facebook girl, but i feel that i cannot write freely on there as others will see, it sounds silly but i just dont want them knowing my feelings xxx

  • Agree so much! Will follow now xxx

  • I am @endo_star if anyone wants to follow me :-)

  • Wow that's a surprise! :-) I tweet you a fair bit! Ha ha xx

  • Yep I know, you're lovely :D xx

  • I agree! There is a fantastic EndoSister community on Twitter. I'm @GamerrGrrlDebbs.


  • It won't allow me to follow you :-( just says, cannot follow this user at this time. I will keep trying zxx

  • Hi I'm @kellykeloggs I'm kind of new to twitter as I'm more of a fb girlie! Please follow me and any guidance to the endo sisterhood would be most welcome. This condition can be very isolating at times and knowing you're not entirely alone is a good thing! :) x

  • Hey! I'm following you now :-) check through my following list and you will find lots of endo girls! Xxx

  • Thank you very much! Who knew there could be bonuses to having this blinking condition! But getting to chat with all these lovely ladies has been great therapy and support!! :) xxx

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