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Help with endo at work?

Hi guys.. I need some help in regards to endo at work. I've had endo since I was 17 and I'm now about to turn 21. I have moderate-severe endo and I've already had 2 laperoscopies, I am really struggling with work at the moment as the consultant wants me to try for kids which we are doing but I've had two miscarriages in 4 months now and it's proving to be more and more difficult as time goes on. The pain is increasing each month and I have now been diagnosed with ibs along side the endo. My work got "funny" with me after my operation (which I had whilst working for them) they have now stated that I could have a capability given to me which could result in me being dismissed due to ill health on the grounds that my absence score is too high. I was full time, they then suggested I went to 4 days which I have done but they have said I should consider 3 days as that way I would be able to switch my days if I have to have days off during the week. I feel as though I don't have a choice and I am being pushed into one of these decisions or that if I let it go to capability I would need to hand my notice in rather than me losing my job and this going on my record. Also having to drop days is causing a financial struggle. If anyone has any similar situations or advice I'd really appreciate it!

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Hi Dani

I am a H.R Officer and I also have endo so I will try to give you a bit of advice. I work in public sector and I know that private sector organisations don't always follow the appropriate routes that they should before dismissing someone - but it sounds like ur work might if they are using the bradford system?

First things first your company should be obtaining medical advice through an occupational health provider on your health issues - this is key evidence for an organisation trying to dismiss an employee due to ill health.

If you have been suffering with your symptoms regularly for over 12mths then you might ne covered under the disability discrimination act - which is now integrated into the Equality Act. Also another point to note is that you could possibly be protected under sex discrimination as your condition only affects women therefore you are being disadvanteged in the workplace over male counterparts.

Your employer however is doing the right thing by making a fair and supportive offer to you with letting your reduce your hours. You are currently unable to sustain reliable attendance at work and have been unable to for sometime so a fair reasonable adjustment to discuss and consider would be a further reduction in hours and they sound like they are very flexible when they say you can swap your days if you are too poorly to come in. This could possibly be temporary until your health improves and are able to return to working full time?

From your employers point of view:

Unfortunately in the business world organisations are there to make a profit and staff who are continually off sick are in receipt of sick pay, their work isn't getting done or it is and its pulling on the resources of other staff or money paid out to agency. Staff being off sick causes financial issues and productivity issues.

I know its not really what you want to hear :( and I'm sorry you are in this predicament :( the best thing would be to take up their offer and reduce your hours because if you are dismissed through ill health that won't look too good on your CV or your reference from them and it would make it difficult for you to get another job.

Also if you are trying for a baby you need to be employed somewhere for at least 26weeks (I think, I'm sat at home writing this off the top of my head!) In order to be entitled to maternity pay. Its better to have some income than no income at all if you are having a baby.

I know this post seems very formal but I wanted you to know all this information to make an informed choice. I totally understand where u are coming from, I'm planning on reducing my hours now cos I'm struggling to cope. I have a seven year old daughter and its really hard having endo, a child to look after and a job - that's another thing for u to consider too as you are trying for a baby.

Take care and I hope things work out for you x


Even though I didn't ask the question - this is all great information, thank you Amy.


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