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Tried starting Pilates again and in pain.. will it stop?


I used to do Pilates before my endo got really bad, I just had a failed IVF cycle and wanted to get back in shape, I wasn't in lots of pain after IVF but I have done Pilates three times this week and had mild cramping and pelvic pain the day after the workout. I did Pilates this morning and today I've had lots of endo type pelvic pain. My research online is inconclusive as to whether Pilates is good or bad for endo and therefore I'm not sure whether to persevere.

Do you know whether it's good or bad for endo girls?



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Hi there

I know its quite confusing if it helps or not! I believe that its down to each individual woman if it will be good for her or not.

After my last lap i tried to do some gentle pilates but unfortunately aggravated the endo pain symptoms too. Unfortunately sometimes pilates can irritate more the affected from endo nerves.

I've tried pilates 1:1 with a physio though (in physio clinic) and it was much better, but for other reasons didnt continue the sessions.

Maybe you need a physio to help you avoid exercises that could make things worse.

Good luck x


Thanks! Yeah I think it is probably not good for me, there was a bit of spotting today as well so I think I should just listen to my body and say this isn't right for me.. it is a bit disappointing because sometimes you just want to be normal and do things everyone else can do, do you know what I mean? Anyway, thanks for your reply xx


I know exactly what you mean, everyone might say that we need to get on with our life as much as we could, but not being able doing simple things as a pilates session is not very promising! and seating on the sofa is not good too, i'm trying to walk quite a bit in my good days... xx


Yeah I think I'll start doing that too:) I used to do that quite a lot, take care xx


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