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Do I have to accept I am infertile forever

I had excision surgery in August and have no success up to now. I am going for excision #2 in May to hopefully remove remaining endo which is on rectum 3mm and two small spots on ovary and anywhere else it may have decided to grow. I am also hopefully having 3 fibroids removed, 2 are intramural and another one on the outside (can remember what type they call it). Do I have to accept that I am going to be infertile for the rest of my child bearing years because of this stupid thoughtless disease I carry around with me for the last 5 years? X

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Did they tell you that you are infertile? Or that is more difficult than normal to conceive?

If so, dont lose hope, do you still have your fallopian tubes working?

And even if they are not working, there is IVF and even if you dont ovulate there is egg donation for IVF...and of course the ultimate kindness in the world, to adopt.

As you see there are plenty of options, so try to be more optimistic, this is what I'm trying to do too... x


Thank you for your reply.

No they havn't told me I can't conceive if anything they seem to think it is possible, but it just hasn't happened. I know I could conceive very easily before this 'mess I have' inside me as I have children and was as easy as pie to conceive so I know for a fact its the endo stopping me conceiving. All I want is one more child of my own.

I did have my tubes tested and were open, I know adoption or donor is most definately not for me, (apologies) although some ladies do do it.

Should I just think, should I resign myself to the fact because I am diseased I can't have what I want like other women can because this cruel thing has ruined my insides and messed my head up forever. I am feeling really low about it right now as you can probably tell from this reply. I just feel there is really no hope X


You shouldnt feel like that, you were blessed to have your own children already and to be a mum, they were a gift from God.

I'm about to start trying for my first baby and I dont know if its going to happen or not, and think as well of all the women who were left 100% infertile because of endo and you will realise how lucky you are :) x



Am so sorry to hear about your endo and fibroids your case and mine is very similar I was only told last year after 2 and half years fighting doctors to get my period back that I have a very slim chance of getting pregnant naturally. But the bad news didn't stop there I was told last week that I have premature ovarian failure which means my ovaries stopped working and I don't have enough eggs in my body for a woman of my age. But God sent me a wonderful partner who is not bothered about my medical problems and he is the reason am fighting to get better, I would advice you to research a vitamin called wobenzym n cos it helps breakdown all the adhesions in your stomach, since I have been taking it when I get withdrawal bleeding from the pill I pass out most of the chocolate adhesions caused by endo even though its nasty to look at the clots but its not in my tummy causing problems. Dr are not God I have accept my diagnosis but am not going for fertility treatment without fighting and trying natural first. Good luck and you are not alone.


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