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Bloody endo is never ending

Have had endo for 10yrs tried numerous meds etc, had key hole yesterday for the umpteen time, had cyst removed and lots of tissue un picked sore as hell today worst than other times. When I came round I was told I had it inside my uterus, on my bladder, on my bowel and in my tubes saw pics which were not nice, so now the waiting game begins lots of questions will I need a bag etc how will I cope how long off work to recover as they are going to do it all in the one op oh so many questions and emotions

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Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis bless you! Hopefully they will be able to help you so that your life is more bearable to live with the endo. You are so brave and strong.

I hope your recovery from your recent keyhole op is speedy for you.

Best wishes and hugs x


Thank you xx


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