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Endo and no periods

Hi All,

I have suffered from endo for the last 12 years. I have managed the pain with codeine and am not allowed hormone treatment due to a previous pulmonary embolism.

My periods just stopped in November 2011 but I still get endo and period pain !!

I have found out today that my estrogen levels are normal and I should therefor still be having periods. I am 43 and have also been told that I have not gone through the menopause.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Mel xx

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Amenorrhea or having no periods where you have already had them previously can be caused by several different factors.

Lack of the right nutrition

Over exercising your body (this usually means jogging, swimming, cycling and other activities that take up a lot of time each day.)



PCOs (Polycystic Ovarian syndrome)

other illness

Thyroid problems

drug treatments of various sorts too

so there's quite a bit of testing and research to be done to figure out what is causing this.

Have you changed your dietary habits in the last couple of years, e.g. the endo diet or cut out certain elements from having a varied balanced diet?

Are you taking too much exercise for your body to cope with?

Are you under extra stress from family, work or ill health or pain?

Have you had a thyroid fuction test to see if the thyroid glands in the neck are working normally or too much or too little?

Are you taking any other drugs at the moment that might have it listed as a rare side effect?

Have you or are you being treated for depression or do you feel that you might have symtoms of depression?

Is there a chance you have PCOs? and any signs of the many other symptoms of that condition?

It's probably a bonus not to be bleeding menstrually , but to have the pain symptoms without having the bleeding must be very disconcerting indeed.

Did your GP request the oestrogen level test or are you under the care of a gynaecologist?

If not with a gynae, then ask for a referal to a specialist by your GP, if your GP is unwilling to help you get to the roots cause of the stopped periods, now he/she knows that test was okay. Something is causing it, meanwhile do a bit of homework yourself and try and identify if the pains are only when you think you should be having a period, are they even spaced out by about 4 weeks, or totally random? Keep a symptom diary to show to a specialist too.


I had exactly the same thing and I was very bothered about it however after seeing a professor Gynae this can be a symptom of endo although unusual.


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