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Dear Madam,

My name is heeena,i have done my abortion after 17 week pregnancy bcoz i m unmarried and in India we there is difficulties girl without marriage pregnancy.

Now my parents are forcing me to marriage another guy and my parents don't know about my abortion.if i marry is there will be any complication if i get pregnant again that guy will know about my abortion.First off all i don't want to marriage and i can not forgot such thing happen with me and i am missing that child presence night some time feel i should kill myself i m into lots of depression.

Please help me out please

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Hi Heeena, I don't know of any way a guy would know you'd had an abortion, I'm so sorry you had to put yourself through that just because you live in India :( I am in England and cannot believe that forced marriage is still going on in other countries. I have two children with my ex boyfriend and have been living with my current boyfriend for 4 years now and we're not even engaged to be married. Cultures can be so different. Is there no way you can tell your parents that you don't want to get married? I'm probably being stupid in thinking you could say no to the marriage but you are a person with feelings and surely if this marriage will make you even more depressed then your parents will understand? I'm sure they love you and just want the best for you! Big hugs and hope you don't have to do something you don't want to xxx


my heart gose out to you heeena I also live in England but I have friends from india and know a bit about your culture and its such an impossible situatation! and having to terminate your baby because of it much love to you and respect for what you are doing you are obviously a strong lady.

I don't know of anyway someone would know about your abortion only if you struggled to get pregnant in the future might it come out but its yourself you need to look at I carnt imagine how hard it is for you and I realize how easy we have it some times!

but you need a friend someone you can confide in to talk about this is there someone?

I understand its not as easy as just saying no to marriage n your country I just hope you still have the strength to fight for what it is you wont and hold on and try not to beat yourself up you aboviusly didn't wont to abort your baby give him/her a name and a birthday pray for your baby and talk to them and exsplain yourself if you need to!

I don't no what help this is for you but please let us know how you get on like I said if only you know whats happened and you can forgive yourself n one needs to know good luck heeena and much love to you keep fighting and be strong.



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