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Feeling alone!

I was diagnosed with endo in my early twenties and had two laps and tried various medication including the drug that manipulates the menopause. By the age of 26 I was pregnant and probably symptom free until 3 months ago.

My whole life has come to a stand still, I am finding it hard to work, exercise and run after my 6 year old, even standing is a problem. nothing works! pain relief merely dulls the pain and the hot bath only works when your in it. And noone listens :(

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Oh poor you hun ,lots of people are saying as endo is hormone related to change our diets , lots of info on my question and links have a look..my question was "do herbs help"

take care


diet is amazing for healing symptoms, I found that many years ago when I suffered. I work as a menstrual heath educator and one of the things I recommend to women first up is Maya Abdominal massage, go to this website to find qualified practitioners around the world arvigotherapy.com/ It's so good for all menstrual woes but especially pain, endo, and PCOS. Also castor oil pack. You'll find info on the web. My website in case you are interested in more is womensquest.org...


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