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is it normal??

hi,i was told i have fibriods over 12 months ago and after 7 months of prostrap injections i was given a date for operation to have the fibroids removed, which was new years eve.i ended up having 3 fibroids removed.i have a huge 12 inch cut/scar along my belly and am still in pain.then to make matters worse this week my period started again after 9 months of not having one! i was dreading it, but i have not been sick or fainted but still bleeding heavy and quite painfull (so i should be thankful really!) is this normal for everything to have started to get back to normal this quick?? and should i still be in this much pain??

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Just remember that although the outside may be healing well the inside takes a lot longer. It's only been about 5 or 6 weeks since your op so be kind to yourself. I have had 2 gynae ops and both times the periods that happened after surgery (I think they were about 4 weeks after on both occasions) I had terrible heavy periods - I thought I had experienced bad periods before but oh my word!!! I seriously was on the verge of calling an ambulance at one point.

Take it steady but if in doubt at anytime call your Dr or Nurse; especially if you develop a temperature.

Hope you feel better soon x


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