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Paying for a private consultation then getting seen in their NHS practice?

Hi there, I was just wondering if it is possible to pay for a private initial consultancy and then ask the Doctor if they'll see you on their NHS practice? Has anyone done this? Please let me know!

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Hi JellyBean21, Yes I have done this. I was unable to get to see my Consultant for an urgent appointment for 4 months, so I had no choice but to either pay to see him privately or go into hospital via Accident & Emergency. It cost me £100.00 but I'm back in the loop of being able to get to see my Consultant through the NHS. It was well worth £100.00 to get a much longer private appointment. It's a real shame we have to do this but it is a way around the system to get back in the loop of seeing your Consultant. I hope this helps.


Yes I highly recommend you do this ! I did and it made a world of difference. You see someone who actually specialises in your bits, not a 'jack of all trades' doctor. My consultant saw me initially (privately) about 11 yrs ago and immediately booked me in on his NHS list for a laparoscapy to find out what was going on. I've been seeing him both privately and on the NHS ever since. I see him privately when I am absolutely desperate (and save to do it !) but know I am always 'in the loop' so to speak. Unless you have medical insurance I don't think there are many people who go private all the way (unless they are super rich obviously !!!) Good luck. xx


Hey, I paid to see an endo specialist privately last November which was fantastic, but it wasn't as simple as just being put on his NHS list, I've had to get a referal from my GP to see him on the NHS. I think in my case that's because I need some other tests before having another laparoscopy. So for me, it didn't save any time but it did put my mind at ease a bit seeing a specialist who understood what I was talking about and could offer solutions!


Does making a private apt with a consultant help with getting a diagnosis too? My symptoms have been dragging on for over a year and after apts and investigations with my GP he thinks its endometriosis but I have to wait so long for a 'second opinion' before even being booked in for a lap. I'm signed off work with strong pain killers and I just want to get things sorted ASAP. I appreciate that there are long waiting lists but I'm willing to pay for a private apt with a specialist if it will move things along? Would the private specialist then have to refer me back to my GP or straight to see the gyne on nhs for lap? So confused by this whole process :(


Hi there.

I've just seen a private bupa consultant who is certain I have endometriosis as I show all the symptoms.

I have been referred back to my gp who I see in 10 days with a long letter that has been written to him explaining how she believes I've been miss diagnosed for years (up to 10 years).

So far so good with this route.

I will be firm and I will ask for a gynecologist referral and take it from there. It's the first time my symptoms have made any sense after numerous hospital and GP visits including scans and internal exams. I've been told I have I.B.S. and chronic pms that I should learn to deal with etc. My bupa appointment cost me 130 pounds. She's certain I have endometriosis and came to this conclusion almost immediately. She said I need to put my foot down with the Drs and make demands for gynecologist referral. Her letter should spur this on. So far this avenue has been well worth every penny and more.

It's a shame it had to come to this but you get what you pay for and I got 30 mins of a sympathetic ear and some answers.

Good luck and I'll keep you posted.


and yes, in answer to you're question they refer back to gp and not hospital for further tests. You can continue to pay but it could cost thousands without a plan. Have you considered health insurance? I was advised after my appointment with bupa they knew too much and they wouldn't insure me now. I wish I'd got a plan out before.


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