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Looking back and to the future

So interesting to hear other peoples stories of how they endured their first years of periods in their teenage years.

I saw the doctor on numerous occasions since my periods started at 12.

I was put on the pill to try to alleviate the pain, but nothing seemed to really work too well. And have tried just about every pill out there.

It's very frustrating. Everytime I saw the doc I told him of the excruciating pain I had every month. Intense pain running from my waist right down to my knees, heavy bleeding, vomiting, fevers and passing out. And all the doctors ever said was that this was normal for some woman and I would grow out fo it,

I think back to all the times I couldn't participate in sports or swimming or things with my school friends; the amount of various illnesses/pains I had growing up; and everyhting starts to make sense now having been diagnosed with endo.

When swimming classes came around, I barely ever took part. Tampons were just an option with such heavy bleeding.

After I was diagnosed in June by laparoscopy, I was put on the pill Cilest and advised to take this non-stop for a year. I desperately wanted children, but my boyfriend was diagnosed with a broken back around about the same time, and I decided we had to wait and see if he would be operated on first. After 3 months of this, the pain was unbearable and I had to give up. Out fo the 3 months, I had only 3 days where I did not have a period! I was tired, weak, and had lost weight.

It's now 2 months since I stopped taking Cilest, and thankfully do not have a permanent period now! Though still often and irregular, and pain everyday.

My boyfriends back is inoperable so we are trying to get pregnant now, so my fingers are crossed. I have been told though that it may be difficult. Have had endo on the tendons of the womb and lower pelvic area. Womb is displaced and tilting the wrong way, my right ovary is not damaged but misplaced and in front of my uterus. And my left ovary has problems with cysts and is now lying behind my uterus.

Back to the hospital in 9 months to see if we've been successful in getting pregnant and discuss IVF.

Fingers crossed!

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I hope everything goes well for you! And im so sorry for everything you have been through!! Please read my story 'my life living with chronic pain' Im trying to get as many women as i know to read and pass it on the there friends so they understand, and i hope it helps them if they have any pains too, i know how alot of women are to embarrased to do anything, and it would make so happy if i could help even one person! God bless you! xxxx


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