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But im only 21?

Hi i have had severe periods since i started at 14. FIVE years later (after telling me it was just normal period pains and giving me menfanemic acid tablet) they finally put me through for a scan. During the scan they found 2 cysts on either ovary. One being 3cm and the other 5.5cm. They carried out more tests and finally(a year later) i had surgery, during durgery they found i had severe endemetriosis and basically had it everywhere.

The surgeon who carried out the surgery then told me i have a small chance of getting pregnant and if i was to get pregnant she would suggest trying within the next 2 years, welllllll im nearly going into my second year and still have the mirena coil in.

Has anyone had the same problem? what would anyone suggest? shall i get my coil out and start trying? i have been with my man for 4 years and he is happy to have a baby, although he is 28 but im only 21?

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Hey there, I had basically the same problem as you I've been told if I don't have children in the next 3 years I won't be able to and it is so hard to decide what to do. I've only just turned 22 and me and my partner want children but we wanted to move back to aus, travel and sort our careers out more. On the other hand I want a child, and to experience being pregnant. I only got finally diagnosed last year after being told for some many years its normal and I just need to take pain killers like everyone else. So many people I have spoke to about this and they all said the same, even though we are young, we would be having children for the right reasons so that we could have one not just cause we forgot protection. Look after yourself xx


Hi, poor you. I have also had endo all my life although it was not diagnosed until I was 28 and collapsed with severe abdo pain, and taken to A&E. I'm 44 now and have 2 children who I did not have until I was 30 and 33. If you have diathermy to get rid of the endo deposits, you should be able to conceive when you are ready to and want a child. The key is finding a good surgeon. I'm in Brighton and have the best! His name is Mr English and is an expert and pioneer in the treatment of endometriosis. Sadly, my 14 year old daughter is going to have her first lap soon as she is also suffering. There is an element that its hereditary, although I was told when I saw my surgeon that I was born with it. The deposits are already there when you are born and become active once you hit puberty.

My advice to you would be to wait until you are ready to have children, but make sure you have regular laps whenever the symptoms get too bad to keep the endo deposits at bay and stop them from scarring your tubes. There are many fertility treatments these days to assist as well. Good luck!


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