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Hi ladies,

I've been on pregabaline for a week and have just about managed the side effects, I would say it has taken 5 days to get used to them, however once a week I have to increase the dose so today is that day and the side effects are back, I'm really hoping that the side effects dont last that long! Next week I will be takeing 4 tablets so I will probably be worse with the side effect:-( I'm continueing to take them as they are really good for nerve damage.

Has anyone has any side effects of this drug? I feel dizzy but like I'm floating too, the fatigue is worse today so going for a liedown. I'm lucky my husband is very supportive :-)

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We had that discussion before. I told you it might work for you :) And I'm glad it did.

You know that for me they didnt work and I had all the side effects, including what you described. The side effects will probably go milder with time, for me was a different story, no pain relief-full side effects, the best thing to do was to just stop them. I'm still in 1 tablet per day but only because we have to stop them gradually exactly as we started them.

Stick with it a little longer and see how it goes. :) x


Thanks jojo I will as they are really working, dont feel you bad now X x


ive not even heard of this drug, can you let me know what its for / benefits etc?


Hi, I tried these but the side effects were too bad for me in the end, I was told that it's 50/50, it agrees with some people but not others. It's always worth trying things as that's the only way to find out the effect it will have on you, we are all different. Shame because they did work for the pain a bit, I could move a lot more easily, at least now I know some of the pain is nerve pain.

I will say one thing though. IF YOU DO STOP THE DO IT VERY, VERY GRADUALLY. I went to the GP who said most people can just stop, did it too fast and had bad withdrawl symptoms. Please do it slowly as it is very important and good luck xx


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