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Gabapentin / Pregabalin


Just had my first session with the Pain Management team and the woman (who was lovely) suggested swapping my usual codeine/tramadol combination to amitriptyline/gabapentin (75/1200mg)

I’m just wondering if anyone is on this combination & is it more effective? What are the side effects like i.e. drowsiness, memory fog, etc. Any info would be great because the pain and nausea are at large, also having an op next week! 😬

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Like anything endo related, your response to the pain relief will be very individual. For me gabapentin was the only thing that worked because the endo affected nerves in my leg. I could tolerate it without major side effects. My friend couldn’t cope with it at all and felt incredibly drowsy. You will have to give it a go and see. I expect you will have been advised not to drive when you start taking it as you won’t know how it will affect you. Good luck!

No I haven’t been advised not to drive, she actually insisted that it wouldn’t make me drowsy/sedated as I told her that’s the feeling I despise when taking codeine/tramadol as it makes it difficult for me to drive/work/concentrate. Quite confused to say the least!

Guess I’ll just have to try and see 😬 I’m glad to hear this combination has been effective for you! Hope all is well x

Just read your other messages. The driving thing may depend on your initial dose which maybe why you haven’t been advised. The problem IS reducing the dose as has been mentioned to you due to risk of seizure. I had to reduce from 900 to 600 to 300 and then 200 and 100. Anything is worth a try when you are so much pain. X

I am on both 5 years. Have up and down on doses with both. I have endo, hon so and recently diagnosed with MS. Gabapentin makes me very drowsy. Amitriptyline at night is good for a few hours sleep. I never got more that 3/4 hours broken on a good night before that. I really don't think they help with pain but coming off the gabapentin is extremely hard. I am on 300mg per day now. I cut down too quickly at one stage and had a seizure. Not something i had previously.

Wow that’s awful I’m so sorry you experienced that! The woman explicitly said gabapentin is used to treat epilepsy but will never cause me to have a fit myself - is this not the case?

She wants to start me on 300mg per day and work up to 1200mg / 75 mg amitriptyline, however I work and drive and can’t afford to be in a sedated state!

She also pointed out that you can’t grow a tolerance to these, unlike codeine and tramadol. Is this true? Thanks, hope you’re well x

It is 1 of the seizure medications that is used as a pain medication. I was on 1200 at 1 stage but reduced it b v v v slowly. I was just 1 of the unlucky ones unfortunately. I have been on 100mg in the morning and 200mg at night time for over 6 months now. The doc said it wouldn't be even working but I am going to reduce by 100mg and hopefully I don't get any adverse effects. I didn't want to scare you. Just giving a user's experience. Just don't ever stop them abruptly. X

Just picked them up today Maceymae, so going to have one tonight with my amitriptyline and see how I feel in the morning! Hoping they help my pains throughout the day tomorrow but not hoping for much! Hope you’re feeling well at the minute xx

Best of luck hon. I really hope they help with your pain. X

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