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Daughter cysts

Well for a year I have been told I have suspected endo had several scans which showed up ovarian cysts which I was told were nothing to worry about. I was started on the depo injection despite docs knowing I had cysts. I moved house and was transferred to a new specialist who ordered another scan on my ovaries before starting on Zoladex. I was then contacted and asked to have tumour marker blood tests which I'm waiting for the results of, I've been told by the nurse at my gp that I have daughter cysts but she didn't have any information on them so I'm left totally in the dark I knew I had 4cm cysts on both ovaries and I also know that unless they are 5cms or above they won't be treated however my ovaries are joined together so in a usual person 2x 4 cm cysts may be fine but in theory I have an 8cm cyst sat there causing me constant pain.

I'm now wondering if I even have endo at all and just cysts

Has anyone heard of daughter cysts I hope someone can give me some info on them as these combined with the tumour tests have me worried to the point of not being able to sleep at night

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Dont quote me on this. But it's my understanding a daughter cyst is almost a cyst on a cyst if that makes sense? Go back to your doctor or nurse and push them tell them you dont quite understand your situation. They cant tell you you have something, and then not explain what it is. Hope you get it sorted x



I believe a DAUGHTER cyst is a simple cyst that has another cyst within it.

Like all general simple cysts they usually get better on their own.

Unfortunately you can have all types of cysts at the same time. I had multiple cysts as I have polycystic ovaries. I also had a simple cyst and a massive endometrioma cyst.. All showing up on the same transvaginal scan.

I get really cross when doctors say cysts aren't anything to worry about. I can tell them, that when one ruptures its excruciating. This has happened to me a number of times.

Also a cyst can be painful no matter what size they are. You can have a small one that hurts and interferes with nerves but equally you can have large ones and experience no symptoms at all.

The tumour test that you've had is, i suspect called the CA125 test. The levels of this test will often be raised in us ladies with endometriosis.

Best wishes.



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