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Anyone here been diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome (pcs)???

I discovered today that at my 2nd laproscopy in may 2011 it was found that i have pcs! I only found out by chance at a doctors appointment and am very confused as my consultant didn't tell me after my lap. I have never heard of pcs before and only know that it is some forms of varicose veins in the pelvic cavity. Has anyone else ever heard of this or had it diagnosed?????

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Hi I have, it was discovered by a vaginal ultrasound, apparently stress makes it worse, I was given pain killers and sent home. I have looked on the net and apparently in blood vassals have two flaps on to let blood enter and the other to let it pass through, what happens with is that one flap does not open and shut probley so the blood flows in the wrong direction causing varicose veins which then cause pelvic pain. It can be cured by a specialist in radiology, think they are called embolization is only done by a interventional radiologist, a catheter is inserted then tiny coils in to the veins which relieves pressure.x


I've been diagnosed with pelvic congestion but not the syndrome. I had it as a result of a lap that went wrong. Lost 8 pints of blood into my pelvic cavity..had an op to save my life as a result plus a blood transfusion. Took over a year for it to settle and still done pain now, 18 months on. x


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