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Should I get an Endo doctor?

I'm currently under the care of a reproductive gynae doc for fertility as a result of which my endo was found and finally diagnosed. Will this doc look after me for my endo or do I have to see my GP and be referred? I feel in limbo at the mo.

I know the simple solution is ask him but I haven't seen him since May? During which time I've had Endo diagnosed and operated on by him! I'm still awaiting a follow up appointment to discuss the results.

Linds xx

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I would get a referal anyway to see an endo specialist as regular gyne's are not as clued up as endo specialists, also I cant believe you have not been seen by your gyne since May, when was your lap? well I can sort of believe it as my last lap was in 2009 I never got a post op follow up and as I had no further problems I did not chase this up,however I'm really struggling again now so have to start at the beginning. My gyne did come to see me on ward round after the lap when I was still sort of sedated, I was told mine had come back and my bowel was stuck down.

I would suggest ring the hospital and ask to speak to the gyne sectery that you are under, explain that you have not been seen since your lap and was wondering when your follow up appointment was going to be. The gyne should at least explain to you what was found. Your Gp will normally get a copy from the gyne to say what was found. I only know this from hitting my head against a brick wall most times and in the end I did all the chasing up because when it's left to them I've always been forgotten about.

Good luck, hoping you stay pain free x x


My lap was at the start of December. I rang his secretary after the op to be told Id go on the waiting list for an appointment which would be 6-8 weeks. I was only diagnosed with Endo in August but have been suffering since I was a teenager!

Im booked in to see my GP on Monday so I will mither them to discuss my results and then hopefully I may get somewhere. I was just confused as to whether he'd look after me or has no duty as it's not fertility as such.

hope your restarted journey isnt a long one xx


I'm unsure if they will take all of your care over with them being fertility? maybe someone will come along with a bit more knowledge, I was 15 when my problems started, 24 when I was diagnosed and I'm 30 now. I've had 3 laps so far, lucky to have two children when I was told I wouldn't beable to concieve, infact gyne were amazed I had one child at the time, my second is 27 mths and I was told after 3 rd lap no way would I beable to concieve due to how bad my insides were. Just goes to show, my eldest is 9.

Have you look on endometriosis uk site, there are loads of fact sheets that you can get sent stright to your email adress for free, this will give you loads of information on endo itself, medications, hormone injections and surgery ect. I was never told anything about endometriosis when I was first diagnosed and over the years I have found out myself.

Heat wraps are very good if you have back pain with endo, I used these there called therma heatpad you can get them from any supermarket, you get 2 and they last 8 hrs each.Cost between £4-£6.



Hi Lindzl

I would imagine that given his area of expertise (quite literally! :D) your fertility consultant sees endo a lot in the course of his work and knows how best to treat it in order to achieve the results you are after, ie a healthy pregnancy. Seeing as that's your priority (I imagine) I would be inclined to stick with just the one consultant for now; he found your endo and if he feels that he can't deal with it, he will be the one to refer you on to somebody who can.

I don't really understand why everybody thinks that 'standard' gynaes are not the best option for endo but maybe I've been lucky; in my experience I could not have had better treatment from my consultant, who specialises in obstetrics. It has never occurred to me look for an endo specialist just because I've got endo.

Also, if your operation was only at the start of December, you've not got long to wait to see him now.

I'd hang on if I were you. You're in the system now, if you change anything it could push you back to the end of the queue.

Good luck

C xxxx


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