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Fundraising = fun + making a big difference

One of the things that has helped me on my endo journey has been doing the pink pants challenges. It sounds odd but exercise helps me manage the pain sometimes - and to do something positive makes me feel so much happier.

So - we did the 3 Peaks in August 2009, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in May 2010 and just recently we did a cross-London trek. All in our pink undies! (on top of our clothes I should add). None of these have been easy. Mountains present their own challenges although I have learnt that there is a strategy as follows:

1. Never, ever look up when you are feeling a bit tired. This is a really big no-no as it saps your spirit when you have hundreds and hundreds of metres still to climb. And never ask people who are descending if you are nearly there yet (does being told "about another hour" make you feel better?! I think not)

2. Keep on going, one foot in front of the other, at a pace you can maintain. Stopping and starting leads to a real loss of time. Better to keep going at a pace you can manage

3. Have some of your favourite snacks to hand when you need a bit of a boost. My recommended list: jelly snakes, jelly babies, percy pigs, colin caterpillars and anything involving chocolate. Yum!

These pink pants challenges have now raised over £25,000 for Endo UK. Every penny we raise matters. Every person that we talk to en route is another person who is aware of endometriosis. It doesn't matter what sort of challenge you undertake, what matters is having the passion to make a difference.

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:) Very true! every bit of awareness counts. was hoping to make it for the london walk.. but sadly had too many uni commitments!


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