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I have been diagnosed with endometriosis this year and have been told that I can choose to either take painkillers, have surgery or take progesterone pills. I am not sure what to do, I obviously take painkillers a lot of the time but I was wondering if anyone has been told something similar and what they have done? I am scared of having surgery because I have heard that the pain comes back and the actual surgery can cause trouble too and the progesterone pill, my body doesn't agree with it and I get depressed which with endometriosis one doesn't need that as it's already tough enough to deal with what we have to deal with on a daily basis. So I don't know if to leave it for now, if someone can give me some advice that would be helpful please? Take care.

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I was diagnosed with endo this year too. First of all, a major factor for your decision is what you want to do regarding children.

If you still want to preserve your fertility as I do that I plan to start trying for a baby soon, then surgery is the best solution as you need to minimise endo and clear as much as possible.

If getting pregnant is not in your plans at all and hormone treatments are impossible for you (same here for me), then some painkillers, endo diet and alternative treatments as acupuncture will be very beneficial for you.


Thank you for messaging me. I'm sorry you were diagnosed with endometriosis as well. How were you diagnosed? How much pain/symptoms do you have? In what way are the hormone treatment impossible for you? Have you tried acupuncture? Thanks for the advice and I hope you are dealing with the condition as best you can.


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