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Hellllppppp :)

Well I have seen my surgeon for a follow up today after 7weejs after surgery he let me know an adhesion was taken away from my ovary and endometriosis I mentioned to him I still have a full pulling feeling he said that could be the internal stuture from behind my belly button Holding my bowel up ???? It didn't register and I forgot to ask why this would be the case ?? He has now discharged me from his care but I'm still unsure as to why I would have an internal stick holding my bowel up it is dissolvable ??? Has anyone else heard of this ??

Many thanks for your help


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That is not great after care to leave you with comments like that with no explanations or guidance. I feel for you. I am sure all is well but, to put your mind at rest I would make an appointment to see your GP as they should have received notes from the hospital I would think and might be able to answer your questions. If not, they might refer you back.

It could well be disolvable. In my case I had my ovaries temporarily stitched to keep them away from other areas healing to stop them re-sticking. Then when the stitches were removed, the ovaries moved back into their natural place. Could well be for a similar purpose.

It is just not good practice for a surgeon not to tell you what they have done and what you can expect. It is only natural for you to want to know why they have done something. GP will be best able to help.

Try not to worry, you are no doubt in good hands but , as you have questions and are in discomfort, it is reassuring to speak to a doctor.

I wish you well

F x x


Thankyou so Much for replying, The aftercare has been a bit like that since my Operation I may call the hospital tomorrow And ask him what he meant lol, Even though I have been discharged from his care he still Will be able to answer this for me ?? The discomfort gets worse if I've been walking for long periods of time, He has said different people take different timea to heal :) Like yourself I had my ovary taken from the wall lining this may be why he has stitched internally it battles me why the bowel?? May I ask you with your stitches internally did u feel any heaviness and how long was it before you felt 100% ??? Thankyou so much for your Answer and support

Gem xx


Gem, you are welcome. It can be a worrying time if you have pains where you did not expect to have them and it definitely helps if you understand why that is rather than imagine all sorts.

I had my internal stitches for the looping in place for 1 week before they were physically removed. I do recall having heaviness until those stitches were removed and soreness at their site. I remember feeling substantially better as soon as they came out. I recall that the keyhole ones were dissolving and also the vaginal vault ones too. I might well have had others internally as bowel and bladder had been pulled completely out of place by endo and the surgeon put them back more or less where they should be. I saw the before and after pictures, ha, but did not know what I was looking at :) I have got the dvd of pictures but not one to get out at parties!

Recovery time will always be an individual thing. For instance, the very first investigatory lap that I had with my general gynae consultant left me hugely swollen and extremely black and blue and took me a good 6 weeks to recover from, and all they had done was have a look!.

My second op with an endo specialist surgeon (total radical excision) which took 7.5 hours probably took around the same time to recover but I was not half as swollen and no bruising. Much better experience overall - so it can vary.

They generally recommend 4 - 6 weeks for a lap but it will greatly depend upon what you had done, and how your body reacts to it. I also think the surgeons underestimate the real overall recovery time and base it on whether you are able to move up and down the stairs, function, do a bit of washing up and cook a dinner (hey you are recovered).

I think I would be inclined to call the hospital too and see if you can get to speak to his secretary and explain your concern. If you don't manage to get that far with them, then see your GP and see if they have good notes or will investigate for you / get an appointment.

All best wishes

Fran x


Hi Fran, Just an update I rang the hospital and spoke with my surgeon secretary and was made aware my surgeon is on annual leave so she asked another surgeon why I had the internal stitch and he said its just a close of procedure to close of the belly button internally and externally but I don't know why they would stitch behind your belly button to your bowel ?? :) I think I have a skin tag left in my belly button too or the internal stitch is poking through :( ill see if this improves next few weeks :) did you ask for the hospital to record what they done ?? I saw my pictures the other day Haha as you say its something you wouldn't want other people seeing lol :) I really appreciate you talking to me and sharing your experience this is my first ever Surgery and I have been panicking throughout haha

Gemma xx


It is scary when you first face all of this. Having confidence in the person treating you is the most important step - that and good communication with them.

My consultant takes images so that they can be kept on record for comparison purposes before and after. He can then look at these at a later date, as can any subsequent surgeon treating you and see exactly what your history was, in addition to the notes. my surgeon also does a survey of his patients once a year asking how you are getting along and you have to fill in details of whether you have any recurrence of pain, use pain killers, quality of life etc on ratings of 1 - 10 for questions.

I agree that seems odd stitching your belly button to your bowel. Maybe it is dissolvable and temporary. I guess none of us care too much what they have done as long as there is improvement, with no pain or loss of function. The main thing is if it is causing you discomfort. Yes, see how it goes and get in touch with him again once he is back from holiday.

It must have been pretty isolating in the days pre-internet when you could not research anything without numerous books or have contact with others. Now you can find out about most things, find out about different surgeons and this site is great as a support network. When you first get diagnosed with this and face the myriad of unsatisfactory choices of treatments on offer, it can be overwhelming in making a choice of how to proceed. It also helps to know you are not alone, although I wouldn't wish this on anyone else just so I wasn't alone :)

Keep in touch with how you are getting on and we are all here for you. Sometimes you just need a shoulder, or some comfort, or a rant or advice or validation of something you are thinking or considering . . .

Lots of love x


Hi Fran. Your exactly right in what you have said people take different times to heal and recover and the surgeons should tell people this so we don't feel confused :) its fantastic your Surgeon gives you regular updates and too see how you are that's brilliant after care :) if I still have the tightness in a few weeks time I Will push for a CT scan just for a second opinion to make sure everything is as should be, Please keep me updated on yourself too and if you need to talk I'm here for you :) I hope you feel a bit better than you did earlier :)

Lots of love and Hugs back

Gemma Xxx


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