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Medication question ????

Hey there, I got diagnosed in January with 4/5 endo. I had to have emergency surgery and went on the pill afterwards. I was getting terrible headache's and fainting spells, I have tryed the implant and the mini pill which gave me the same effects. I went back in hospital the beginning of May for another ruptured cyst. I had the mirena coil fitted and my body rejected it twice. Now I'm being reffered back to my gyna but the gp said there running out of treatment options for me. Does anyone know of other forms of treatment ???

Thanks !!

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Hi Frenchie-lou - sorry to hear your situation. When you say implant is this a contraceptive implant? If not, then I am currently on zoladex implant which puts you into a fake menopause. This drug was originally created/used to shrink certain cancer tumours but is used on endo, fibriods, etc also. It does have some nasty side effects, but it could stop/reduce your pain, bleeing and endo deposits.

Maybe ask your GP about this and if will suit you?

Hope this helps

Noggsy. x


I had problems with every type of contraceptive except the Depo Provera injection. I used to bleed quite often on it, but didn't get pain, and it wasn't very heavy compared to what I normally get. In fact I was probably at my healthiest I have ever been - I know it doesn't suit a lot of people, but for me I love it! I'm now on Prostap which is brill, but can only be prescribed through a hospital consultant.

Good luck, I know it's hard when nothing seems to work x


hey hun, Im sorry about what your going through, like cloudyrain I had problems with the pills, all gave me headaches including the depo. Prostap or zoladex sound like could be an option? Im currently out of options and waiting to see if they will do a hysterectomy but they have put me on Tranexamic Acid (reduce the amount you bleed) and now taking Dicolfenic (anti-inflammatory) with it as I had a reaction to Mefenamic Acid (anti-inflammatory), but unfortunately for me they are not working, so looking forward to my appointment and do the " told ya so dance" lol. I may look up the Zoladex as Im wanting to go on prostap until my appointment and until i go in for my op which I hope to get.

take care hun xx


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