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Was my complete exhaustion an endo attack??

A couple of weeks ago I had a very strange day. I woke up and felt very ill and tired. I really struggled to get up (I mean to physically get out of bed, not just feeling tired). My whole body ached all over from the roots of my hair to the tip of my toes. Everything was painful. I work from home during the day and by about an hour after starting work, I had to call in sick and have the rest of the day off as even having the computer on my legs was painful and felt like a heavy boulder. It was taking me ages to drag myself upstairs when i needed the loo and then was having to have a half hour rest before I even atempted to make it downstairs again. I was too exhausted to eat and talk. Although I spent the day going from extremley cold to sweating buckets, I never had a temperature. Apparently by the evening, I was also rabbling a little and talking nonsense as if i did have a fever but my temp was checked at various times a day and was always normal. I spent the majority of the day sleeping and then when my partner came in from work around 6pm, I went to bed and slept all night. I just wondered if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this and if it is endo related. I also had my stabbing pains from the endo throuoht the day in waves and this is what makes me feel that the two are related. Just need to point out also that the day before, I was absolutley fine and hadn't done anything to bring this on. Also, the next day, although i still felt very weak, I was so much better and didn't have to sleep at all during the day. Was walking around normally and by body was no longer painful.

This has happened once before about a month previously and is very scary and strange. I have a son, who was at home during my second attack and I was really struggling to care for him. Luckily he is a very sensible 7 year old and has seen me in various endo related situations and so he just played and got on with things himself. I feel very lucky that this is the case but am terrified that something will happen to him when I am like this.

Please let me know if you have ever had or heard of anything like this

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Hi, iv had the exact same thing happening to me twice. I found this site and asked the same question with other sufferers saying similar things. So I'm assuming It's endo. It awful isn't it! Mine lasts two days at a time. It's totally crippling.


Hi as I write this I am still in bed it's nine o'clock and have been here all day I have managed to be up for an hour at a time twice throughout day and had to sleep after as exhausted! I am left feeling utterly useless as have lost a whole day :(


Thank you so much for your answers. I am so sorry to hear that other people are suffering in the same way as this is really awful. Will keep an eye on it to see if there is a pattern but seems as though this will just be another symptom of this crappy condition.

Sending hugs and strength to you both



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