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I had my first shot of prostap yesterday its a one of shot as im having a full hysterectomy in just under 6 weeks for endo fibroids and cyst

intially after the injection i was very dizzy and shakey then i started with pains on my ovaries and backache and today ive woke up with a swollen tummy, my boobs have swollen too they look like theyve goneup about a cup size. my backs killing ive got a headache and horrible period pain. is this normal? i was prepared for hot fluhes and menopause symptoms but not really this

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TBH Prostap 3 has been ok for me. Joints have ached, but stopped the periods, as my endo has gone too far (they say) to have a full hysterectomy!! I have had sleepless nights and hot flushes day and night - although to be honest night are worse x but no real bodily adjustments x I hope you ok & wish you good luck for your op. My gynae never offered me this drug before my op I have endo and had a 12cm cyst on one of my ovaries, which they managed to remove, they could not even locate my left ovary, everything else is fused together with the endo :( x


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