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Help with prolonged periods and pain!

I was diagnosed with endo, fibroids and cysts back in 2009. I had a raised tumor marker as well and was prescribed zoladex which was fab.My Consultsant informed me that the raised tumor marker was due to the endo and discharged me with the following options :- live with it, go on the pill or have a full hysterectomy. I went on the pill and it was dreadful. I am living with it at the moment and it's hell on earth. I have been bleeding on and off now for 3 weeks and I'm bloated. Help - anyone else in the same position as me? Don't know what to do really xx Any help would be appreciated.

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I found that peppermint tea and eliminating wheat from my diet, where possible, really helped me to feel less bloated.



so sorry to hear you're suffering. What pill are you on?? if you don't mindme asking..because i have found different pills have different effects. Since being on the mini pill, i have weird prolonged bleeds which are v heavy and am extremely bloated constantly.

hope you're feeling a but better xx



Thank you for the reply Charlie. I'm not on any pill at the moment. My periods are up and down sometimes it's 3 months before I start and usually last a week at the most but this one has lasted for 3 weeks!!! I'm tired and worried at the same time. I know I need to go back to my Doctor but I feel the only option open to me is a hysterectomy. This bleeding wont stop so I need to go back to the GP xx


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