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Could I have any experiences of treating endo with Depo-Provera please?

I have just come back from seeing my GP as I have found that the prostap injections I am having are giving me nasty side effects and not much endo relief. She has suggested I try Depo provera instead. I am due my 3rd prostap injection next week so need to make the decision by then. Any experiences of depo provera would be appreciated so I can make a decision. Thanks.

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It all depends what's your body like, I have endo and been on the depo for 3 years, the depo is like the pill in an injection, you have it every 12 weeks in your bum or arm. It can make your body shut down from bleeding and it's not as server as the other injection. The problem is my body, sometime is liked the depo and shut down for a while but out of the blue I would started to bleed again, most of the time on and off with the depo so I haven't found it has helped my endo but some people do. My body hated the other injections too, I bleed on them too. Due to my uncontrol able bleeding body my gynae is doing another lap but at the same time putting the coil in, I don't know what to expect from the coil there are good and bad stories but there is only one way to see how my body reacts!

My advice would be to give the depo a chance, there are no major side effects and the only problem would be bleeding on and off or you may be a luck one and shut down all together. Or there is all ways the coil too?

Hope that helps but stop the other injections anyway!

:) good luck


I was on depro for 10mths, ii didn't help me at all unfortunately. I still bled all the time


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