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hi all just wandering if any one has woken up in a pool of blood and felt lots of pressure in the vagina at same time i rang the out of hours they said to go to a n e i suffer with agrophobia which means i get panicky and have a mental meltdown when i go out i said that i needed someone to come out they refused its not like i have a mild case im on disability and my husband is on carers allowance as i cant be left alone in the end went down to a n e and had a mental breakdown so bad my husband had to take me home as i couldnt cope and it was getting worse he told me to get a few hours sleep and rang the gp i woke up my body was all cold and sweaty and couldnt stop shivering i got an appointment to see gp at 3pm but just a bit nervous he might send me down a n e if so they will have to sedate me to treat me as i cant see me being able to do it otherwise is this the endometriosis or something worse i dont know and i have been scared as i think we all have who suffer with endometriosis have along the way this just scares me alot more thanks xx

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Hi Learid,

I am so sorry you are having trouble with agorophobia. I hope you're GP is providing you with some support to help you recover from this difficult condition.

Unfortunately, althought GP's can do house calls - it seems that you are going to need the help of more specialised medical staff. GP's can't resolve more serious acute problems like this and it does need to be investigated.

Its a difficult situation, it sounds like you have an action plan already in mind as you know yourself well already. Perhaps some sedative medication would be a good idea as you say.

I see that this was writen 11 hours ago so I hope you managed to make it OK and that you are getting the help you need.

Here is the advice helpline for Rethink Mental Illness 0300 5000 927

and here is the NHS choices webpage on agorophobia


so you can check if your GP/mental health team are doing all they can to help you. Be sure to check the "map of medicine" tab so you can look at the flow chart that represents your referal options.

Good luck xx


I have to now buy Tenna lady incontinance pants to ware each month for 4 to 5 days as I bleed so heavy it pours from me, and I also get bowl incontinance with it. I have found the only thing that helps with the pain is MS medication for muscle spasms, given to me not for the endo but for spasms in my spine due to arthritis.


hi thanks for your insight i found out from gp got another very bad womb infection got alot of fluid there so am taking metro and doxycyclone again dont know if its my hospital with sterilisation or i am just prone to them because of the endo hope you feeling ok xx


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