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Alternative to use than a hot water bottle.

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I’ve been using a hot water bottle for 2 years now. But it’s just not seeming to help anymore. Is there anything anyone uses which they have found helps them with the pain and flare ups.

Thank you xx

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I can't recommend a tens machine highly enough!

Hi I used a heat belt for my waist. The heat from your body heats the stones in the belt which helped soothe the pain and you can wear it under your clothes. Good if you are working.

Electric blanket!!!!

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Lottiedoo in reply to Jen82

I second this! My boyfriend bought me a heated blanket for our bed last night and I slept all the way through without waking like I usually do. It really did help. It could also be all the codeine I’ve been taking, but it did feel nice when I got into bed.

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Jen82 in reply to Lottiedoo

I also use ut to zap me in the morning to ease the stiffness and pain to get me up in the mornings.

BeYou period patches feel amazing! They are cooling instead of heat, but they’re just lovely!

I have just brought a cyclesoother…..I haven’t tried it yet but it heats and massages. I found them on Instagram and they look really good might even try it on my back. I will let you know once I’ve had a chance to try it. I also heard some people use a castor oil wrap on their tummies but again I haven’t tried that yet just use a heat up wheat pack for my tummy and back……doesn’t really help but psychologically I feel I’m doing something. Hope that helps a little xx

Thank you everyone xx

I use an electric heat pad but not so good with the hot flushes, tens machine was useless as pain too deep. I do use a handheld Infared massager which has different settings and heads so it can be used all over, also helps with all other aches and pains . Check out book heal pelvic pain by Amy stein these exercises work for me but they take a long time before noticing the difference. Probably because I’ve had Endo since I started my periods.

BeYou period patches really do help! I use throughout the month too :)

I use a heating pad, also have one for using at my desk at work. Good for controlling the temperature and you don’t have to get up in the night to refill your hot water when you are in pain. I used to lie on the kitchen floor in a ball of agony waiting for the kettle to boil

Try steaming. Sit over hot water in a bucket and allow the heat to rise. Vaginal steaming. You can also put herbs in there. Have no dairy. Research holistic pain relief. I watched a video on you tube and massaged my hand the pain relief was good.

Hi , like you I have been a big fan of the hot water bottle, that was until I had surgery just over 2 weeks ago and I decided I would use my husbands electric heat mat, (he gets cold feet in bed) and I wouldn’t let him put an electric blanket on the bed) it’s a 2 foot square and it was brilliant in comparison to a water bottle, also a tens machine is also worth trying x

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