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drug free pain relief specifically for endometriosis ?

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hi everyone hope you're all well? my hubby was cruising Facebook and saw an ad for a product designed specifically for endometriosis? I've not yet tried it but it has peaked my curiosity after 24yrs of agonising pain could I really be pain free? im going to look into it further and may even try it but I thought I would share it with you and give you a chance at being pain free 😊 xxx

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Hey sweetie! Hope you're well? Please please please don't be taken in by those, they have been written to engage people like you. The language is very suspect, I do linguistics at university and those kind of ads were part of my first year. They use simple slogans to draw in customers "Instant, drug free pain relief" is short, catchy and will draw people in. Especially the "instant" part. We all know no pain relief is instant, and none of it actually makes you "pain free". Keep in mind that ANY medication that has any medicinal benefit should go through medical trials so their claims can be backed with evidence from clinical trials. Anyone without this is likely trying to make money on the back of claiming they help people but not being willing to pay for the certification.

The photo also worries me, that could be anyone. It shouts advertising! By all means look into it but please do not give them any of your hard earned money. Xxx

Yep it's a £99 TENS machine babe! Xxx

Screenshot of ovira website with £99 price

that's what I said to my husband unfortunately he now thinks that I'm being negative? I can't seem to get ppl to understand that after 24yrs of pain I can't afford to get my hopes up to have them crushed again xxxx

I've gone through similar battles with my hubby, especially when he first mentioned the possibility of endometriosis after hearing a woman on the radio. I told him I couldn't do more disappointment, and he just didn't get it. Maybe just say to him that you appreciate him thinking of you but you also know that lots of people like to take advantage of poorly people like us and try extort money out of them with miracle cures. Xxx

It's just a tens machine. If you want to give one a try, buy one from your local pharmacist or online. Shouldn't cost more than £20/£30 for one with multiple settings. They can help, not everyone gets on with them but they can help, they only help whilst your wearing it and it's on. It's not like a pill which gives you relief after using it.

I tried the ovira and the sticky pads kept coming off. I today had a livia delivered and it seems much better. They both do money back trials so if you fancy having a try there’s nothing to lose

My brother bought the ovira for me after endo diagnosis last month. Honestly, the pain relief from it has been more than worth it. It doesn't completely remove pain, but does it make it possible to not be crying and in agony? Yes.It works for some and not for others, once you find the right placement and you clip it onto your pants, you could go out with it on, and the battery lasts forever.

Honestly, if there's money back guarantee I'd urge everyone to try it at least.

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