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Is this enough to convince a gp i have endometriosis??


I have 12 out of the 18 symptoms from the endometriosis uk website, however when it comes to the doctors i have no confidence and am terrified of the feeling of them not listening to me, back in 2019, after bleeding from the bowel and experiencing ibs symptoms monthly for about 6 months the gp sent me for a cervical scan and then diagnosed me with pcos despite having no symptoms other than cysts and despite me mentioning endometriosis running in my family. The doctor said as long as my periods are still regular and I'm not trying to conceive I should be fine and to only come back if the pain gets worse or anything changes. I felt so dismissed but couldn't get up the confidence to say anything, its taken me till now and my pain and symptoms getting worse that I feel ready to go back to the gp but I don't want to be dismissed again :( has anyone experienced anything like this??

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Interesting post! I have 6 of those symptoms and stage 4 DIE, active, but mild atm! Only a couple of deposits on MRI, although may not be telling the whole story!

But that’s my experience! Xx

Hi PiggyPotter,

The GP said to come back if you felt worse, right?! I'd take that as an invitation to go back, say the pain is interfering with how you want to live your life (key words for a GP), and ask for a referral to a gynaecologist - preferably one connected to an endometriosis centre (a specialist who may help).

It's always a letdown to be sent home with paracetamol; but I'm starting to understand that GPs suggest the most minimal things first so that the mild cases resolve with a little time. If your case doesn't resolve (you sound so sore!), it's more than ok to go back to request more information to help your case.

Definitely agree with JuneViola. I would open with the fact the previous GP told you to come back if it gets worse . That plus telling them endo runs in your family should be enough to be taken seriously and referred to gynae x

Keep the facts short and clear as Ive found it's easy to start waffling and suddenly the GP picks up on something minor you mentioned and heads off down a different path!!

I'm so sorry that you suffer with this horrible condition too. All I can say is keep going back again and again if you need to. Unfortunately with endo is does take a bit of fight to get them to take you seriously. I find it helped having someone with me at appointments to give me confident. I know that is not possible with covid but if its a phone appointment have someone you trust in the room with you. Make sure to be descriptive on how it is affecting your life physically and psychologically and don't down play how much it hurts. Good luck!

Go back to your GP and be insistent, mention what he previously said that if your symptoms got worse then you should come back so he/she should consider endometriosis, and ask that you would like to be referred to a gynaecologist. If that doesn’t work maybe you could see another doctor, you never know another doctor might yield different results

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. The NHS is wonderful but unfortunately healthcare has to be rationed somehow, and the way we do it in this country is rationing it by time and persistence instead of by money or insurance. I know how horrible it is to feel like you’re not being taken seriously but I don’t think it sounds like you were dismissed even if it seemed that way — the GP did an investigation (scan), found an explanation for your symptoms (polycystic ovaries) and no one treatment at that stage was indicated in their mind but come back if anything changes. It’s time to go back and explain that the pain is worse and interfering with your daily life, you think endometriosis is the explanation and you want a referral to gynaecology. Keep a symptom diary to back up your case and don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself. You got this 💪 x

I agree with going back to gp or finding a new gp and insisting on a laparoscopy. It took 8 years and I had all 18 symptoms before they finally took me seriously when I nearly called an ambulance because of the pain! You won’t know for sure until they get in there with a camera.

As everyone else had said, go back, keep pushing, find a GP that specialises in women’s health. I had the opposite experience which I know is so rare. I saw a GP because I thought something was wrong with my IUD - she said I should consider whether my endo had come back (I first had endo 20 years ago). She was right, I have stage 4 endo and adenomyosis. Keep pushing to find the right GP. They’re definitely out there.

Heya, I'm sorry your GP was dismissive of you. Don't fear them - their incompetence and lack of follow-through is their problem and not yours. GPs will gaslight you until you go away. The reason being they have budgets for referrals and endometriosis symptoms are the easiest as dismissing as "normal period pain". Let me be clear, your pain is NOT NORMAL and you should not be suffering. Also, you can have PCOS and endometriosis - I have both!Furthermore, endometriosis is a genetic disease, so that alone is cause for your GP to refer you.

As all of the other wonderful ladies advise, go back to your GP and insist on the severity of your suffering and need for specialist help. I would also advise you do some online research yourself on endometriosis-specialist clinics at hospitals in your area/city and have the information on hand for when you speak with your GP. Have a list of hospitals and doctors at the ready and don't take no for an answer. Unfortunately, you have to push for the help you need when it comes to women's health on the NHS

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