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colon/rectum issue or endo ..Still confused.

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I have been having haemorrhoid symptoms and occasional rectal bleeding for 5 years. After a first colonoscopy I was diagnosed with internal haemorrhoid.

I had a child.all natural bowel issues after labour.

So this is now the fourth month I have rectal bleeding while I am period.( Had very little one in middle of month too)I am referred to two departments. Colorectal and Endometriosis.

When the colorectal surgeon saw me last she said she can't feel any haemorrhoid and asked to come back on my next period when I am bleeding so she can see if there are leakage.( I had a coloscopy last year that showed piles).I could not go as I had no one to take care of my child.

The Endometriosis appointments are still one or two moths away.

The rectal bleeding is only when I have Bowel movement. The blood is bright red. My BM is not painful. I take fybogel and have a diet to keep stool soft. Some times during the month ( not period times),I get a very sharp pain in my rectum that lasts few minutes and then goes away.If go for a fast walk,I rectum ( on the left side) gets painful.


I know endometriosis clinics also have colorectal specialist. Do they usually look in to haemorrhoid to rule it out?

Do I have to push for 2 week referral from my GP or just sit and wait until it gets worse?

I am really confused about this is colon/rectum issue or endo.

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